Monthly Archives: September 2014

Bounce | Trampoline BMX | Armagh

This was a simple short film to highlight the tricks and manoeuvre preformed on a BMX trampoline device. For some info on the filming of this click here!

Bounce | Trampoline BMX | Armagh2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00

Coalder | Cliff Jumping | North Coast

This film was produced for the Coalder t-shirt company, we to create a fresh natural image for the the brand using cliff jumping.  We filmed over the space of 6 hours in two locations and edited within 48 hours, when doing doing extreme sports shoots we like to 'shoot and film extreme'. Big thanks to all the

Coalder | Cliff Jumping | North Coast2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00

Oasis Youth Club – Minion Moves

Minion Moves was a project created by a group of young people from Lismore Comprehensive School in conjunction with The Oasis Youth Club STEP-UP Programme. This short film was designed to portray the isolation and vulnerability that can be experienced by a teenager who arrives in a new area for the very first time. As

Oasis Youth Club – Minion Moves2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00