Goal Line Multi-Sensory Discovery Room

Members of the Goal Line Youth Centre, based at Chambers Park in the grounds of Portadown Rugby Club, which attracts children from the age of six, secured almost £11,000 to create a sensory environment which not only benefits children but also their parents and carers. The multi sensory discovery room is an area in the

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Pride of Craigavon Awards 2015

BNL were delighted to supply audio-visual and graphic design support for the Pride of Craigavon Awards 2015. Having fulfilled this role during the last Pride of Craigavon, we know how special this event was, recognising all of the hard work of community groups and organisations in making Craigavon a happier, safer and more fulfilled Community.

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Random Acts of Kindness #RUOK

Under the CURBS Programme, we were excited to launch a series of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ videos! Taking the lead from current trends in online media, the Random Acts of Kindness was an initiative involving small groups of teenagers who stage goodwill gestures and interact positively with the public. While showcasing their generous disposition young

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Reachout.care Website

In October 2014 we were awarded a tender to build and develop an information based website for Domestic Violence. Working with Craigavon Policing and Community Safety Partnership we successfully launched reachout.care. This website is designed to enable those people who may be experiencing any type of abuse to get help and support within a few

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Facebook! – Utilise your videos to maximise their performance.

We really want our clients to get the best out of their videos, these key points will help you attract a bigger audience from Facebook.  We recommend you do this to get your message out to make the most of your videos. Ideally it would be great to do them all, however even doing a few steps will increase its performance. 

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