Hannath Estate Agent Property Films

BNL Productions are delighted to announce they have started to work with Hannath Estate Agents to create short films for properties on the market. We know that a picture speaks 1000 words but a video is so much more, in fact, in these 90 second videos there are technically 2700 photos!  You are able to

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Microlip music video to Be Part of the Peoples Park

BNL Productions have been working with the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council on the year-long SPACE project which anticipates the re-opening of the Portadown People’s Park as a shared space. We have been delivering a communications, events and community engagement programme as part of a consortium, The Peace Builders Collaborative. Within the Communications

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C&C Gleeson Conference Video

As you may see from our list of clients, we range from corporate to community...and everything in between. One thing that we've quickly learnt is that you can never predict what a client's project will involve. This one was unexpected, but brilliant! The guys at C&C Gleeson gave us a call with an idea. They

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Mountain Biking | Vitus First Tracks Film Competition Winner

Mountain Biking in Northern Ireland, that was the entire speck for the filming competition, anything else goes. The film highlights a group on Facebook called “Just Ride Your Bike NI” and all the riders. It highlights some of Northern Ireland’s amazing MTB spots and shows what our riders are capable of! How it started! So

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Phil is leaving :-(

It's not easy having to write this blog post :-( Phil Hopper has been at the core of the BNL team pretty much from the start! He came to BNL on work experience and decided not to leave (good choice Phil!) Since then, he has been behind every camera, in the middle of every event,

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