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Uluru Bar & Grill | Promo

Uluru Bar & Grill Armagh is a beautiful historic City with an impressive list of annual events, from their very own Culture Night to their quaint Georgian Day and regular activities in the Shambles Markets. In the heart of the City stand Uluru Bar & Grill, it has been around for a few years, drawing

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Barnardo’s NI | Stacey’s Story

Barnardo's NI This one is a bit of a throwback but it definitely deserves a blog post! We have been working with Barnardo's NI on various projects over the years, each has has a different style, approach and purpose. Last Christmas we were asked along to film a case study, documenting the story of one

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Acti-Snack Promo | Triathlon

Energy on the Go from Acti-Snack Acti-Snack is a pretty darn good product that first came on the scene after the inspirational 2012 Olympics. We saw people all over the country take up sports, getting out there and getting active in their own way. Acti-snack was designed to give a natural, safe and delicious help

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Farrans Construction Promo Video

Farrans Construction Farrans Construction is an established building and civil engineering contractor with operational interests throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Multi-million pound contracts from Hotels to Healthcare, you can see their vast range of work on here. A huge company with an impressive portfolio of work across the globe and so, of course, we

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Farset Project Belfast | #FarsetProject

The Farset Project The Farset Project aims at connecting communities through the arts. This is one of seven flagship Creative Belfast projects funded by the Belfast City Council and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to value of £900,000. This project was really interesting! When we first met the team managing the Farset Project we had

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Production Volunteers Celebration | Be Part of the People’s Park

Training to Be Part of the People's Park Under the Community Engagement strategy of the SPACE project, we were tasked with recruiting a group of volunteers that would become a junior production crew on the run up to, and during, Portadown's Got Talent 2015. We work with young people a lot, training them up in

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Robyn goes off to Australia

Off to Oz Robyn has brought so much fun and laughter into the studio since she came to BNL about two and a half years ago! She initially came on work experience but her perfect mixture of hard work and banter meant that we weren't going to let her go, and she soon came on

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