Archie Axten | MTB | Northern Ireland

Read online on a web-site feedback on how to make a better mountain bike video, the person who wrote the article watched mountain bike videos all day as part of his job and said that he was sick of looking at filler shots and wanted to just go straight into the action. From a filmmakers point of view this is very difficult I really tried to start the film with no filler shots but when it gets into post its hard to structure and go straight into high action, but bearing this in mind did keep the filler shots down to a minimum.

GoPro on Slider
The slider we use has a crappy head on it and is difficult to have a heavy camera on, so just clamped the GoPro to it and shot blind for a lot of the shoot, it seemed to work quite well.

Shutter speed
After the Vitus film competition realised should have shot with a higher shutter speed for the high action, really focus on this on this shoot an none of the footage that was lower that 1/100th sec.

Slow motion
Most of the shots were high action and needed slow motion, all of the shots I would say were shorter than 5 seconds, don’t like using slow motion unless it is needed and in the shoot it was definitely needed for a lot of these shots. Would like to experiment more slow mo with he GoPro, need to slow down the second last shot at the end and you can see the drop in frame rate, really wanted to keep the shot though as thought it was a nice angle.

Ryan Loney (BNL Productions) | Producer / Director | Editor
Paddy O’Kane (BNL Productions) | Colourist
Jason Joy (Corepolo) | Camera Person
Gary Jackson (Junkie Inc. Clothing) | Camera Person
Archie Axten | Rider
Alan Walker | Force | Music