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About Stuart McCollum

Stuart has been a huge part of the BNL team from the very beginning, being the mastermind behind the physical building of the studio as well as the technical operations of our server and mac editing suite. His decision to join the BNL team full time in July 2014 was welcomed by both staff and clients of BNL Productions as he always goes the extra mile to deliver on a seamless and efficient process for everyone involved. Stuart’s background is recently stems from a managerial capacity with the almighty ‘Apple’ and his experience has proved invaluable to establish new business development opportunities to ensure that internal processes of the BNL team are slick and professional. Stuart works closely with clients from meetings, filming and quality assurance so they kept up-to-date and happy with the progress of their project. Finally he is our in house web developer and IT support manager, overall he’s an great all rounder with a dodgy beard.


Coming to a Car Park Near You... With recent guidelines released by the Northern Ireland Executive, we will soon be able to jump into our cars and go to a drive-in cinema. Whether you’re a restaurant, a shopping centre or a community centre; if you have some space, then a drive-in cinema could

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Reach your congregation through webcast or live-stream Whether it’s live or on-demand, we can create a webcast or live stream solution that’s right for you and your audience. Webcasts or live-streaming of church services mean that your content can be accessed by an unlimited audience; bringing a much-needed sense of community and fellowship



Live Streaming with Sounds True in Washington DC Over the past three years we have been working with the fantastic company Sounds True on some incredible events, retreats and conferences across the globe. So far we have already travelled with them to Greece, Paris, London, Norway, Switzerland and California and at the

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FILM | TV Advert | Festival of Light

Video Production with ASG & Partners Continuing our partnership with ASG & Partners (ASG), BNL were recently tasked with creating a television advertisement for Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (LCCC).Working alongside a creative director from ASG, our in house team developed a storyboard and style to best capture the upcoming ‘Festival of Light’. We

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LIVE | SEUPB | Long Term Contract

AV Supplier to SEUPB As we continue to build our customer base it was great to be awarded a 3 year contract with SEUPB, The Special EU Program Body, to supply all their Audio Visual requirements for the next 3 years. With a continued drive towards building our business this contract

LIVE | SEUPB | Long Term Contract2019-01-22T13:58:01+00:00

LIVE | Irish News GAA All Stars

Irish News GAA All Stars 2018 Our relationship with the Irish News continues to grow with the most recent GAA All Stars event in Armagh City Hotel. We have been working on custom content for the event for the past 3 weeks, creating animation, video and graphic content for

LIVE | Irish News GAA All Stars2018-09-14T14:33:00+01:00

FILM | Smiley Monroe

Smiley Monroe | Values As a family run business, Smiley Monroe's values are at the core of their what they do. We began working on these videos earlier this year and planned to deliver towards the end of the summer in line with their new branding design. Working alongside the client

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LIVE | LED Screens, Projectors and TV’s – which is best for your event

Choosing the right screen for your event Event technology is moving forward at the fastest pace we have ever seen and screen technology is playing a huge part in this. From large LED TV’s,  to Projectors,  and now LED Walls, the possibilities are endless for communicating with your attendees.

LIVE | LED Screens, Projectors and TV’s – which is best for your event2018-08-11T11:21:21+01:00