Benidorm Baby | GoPro Dad

All this filming took place on my 2015 year holiday to Benidorm with Family wanted to make a video of my son in comparison to the same trip last year. (Trip last year –

Gopro Lightpainting (
This seems to be the hashtag used on the internet to describe light scribing with he GoPro, tried doing this myself by hitting record then using the light of my iPhone but I was just no good at it and my wife seemed to be able to have a perspective on where the letters went. It is fantastic that we are able to do this on a camera so small and compact. Would really have like to have a had a strong flash gun to set it off surrounding Noah in the picture so he would be in it. I would really liked to try this on a separate project using just GoPro Lightpaintings, think it could be a lot of fun.

3-Way Mount
Have recently just got this and have been mainly using it as a tripod also used it for a nice family selfie which worked out quite well. When travelling and running about the street trying to film a toddler as a tripod this is frigging brilliant, its compact, its quick to set up for those 15 sec shots you need. It wouldn’t replace a conventional tripod for commercial use as it not steady enough, there is no way of setting a level, to rotational head, but for a quick static shot epically for the “toddler height” it’s perfect.

Gooseneck Grip
Absolutely loving this, ya can just put it anywhere it just grips to anything, with the goose neck it is really only suitable for shots using not a lot of vibrations as there are stability issues with it, you can see when I have attached it to the pram in the video. What might have been better to do here is remove the gooseneck and just use the grip and clip the GoPro straight into it, or even some of the pivot arms to get the angle right.

GoPro Tool
I noticed on a lot of shoots on trying to get the nuts tightened never can really be fully tightened and when trying to get them off especially when its cold can be difficulty, first thing I ordered when i got home, GoPro Tool will let you know on the next shoot how useful it was or wasn’t.

Rotational timelapse
Visited the “Balcón del Mediterráneo” at one point and has a great view of both the beaches of Benidrom. Instantly knew I wanted to do a rotational time-lapse to show off the views. Was quite difficult to find the location on where to get the best view but finally decided on the the top of what looked like an unused well . Had tried to time it so that the sun just set when the timer has reached that location in the time-lapse but think I was off by about 20 minutes and cloud had just covered the sun just before it set, nightmare. What I was most nervous about was that only realised after starting the time-lapse that this seemed to be the place everyone came when the sun set so there were crowds of people going past and was worried about someone reaching up and grabbing it and making a run for it. Half way thought a time-lapse ya always have that worrying feeling “Did I hit record?” “Is there enough Battery ” but everything went to plan and wasn’t sitting about for an hour for nothing.

Noah Adrian Loney | Actor
Kathy Haughey-Loney | Director
Ryan Loney (BNL Productions) | Producer / Director / Editor
Patrick O’Kane (BNL Productions) | Colorist