We really want our clients to get the best out of their videos, these key points will help you attract a bigger audience from Facebook.  We recommend you do this to get your message out to make the most of your videos. Ideally it would be great to do them all, however even doing a few steps will increase its performance. 


Post to Facebook

DON’T post a link always upload the video directly to Facebook.  When this done it automatically plays in the user’s timeline and encourage them to watch it.



Pick a picture that is going to entice you audience to click on your video. Something that will tell the story of the video usually a screengrap from the video.



Facebook has implemented these to play automatically in the timeline, when clicked on they will automatically stop.  This is to encourage the viewer to click on the video to watch it.


Video tags

The more related tags you have to the video the easier it is to search for on Facebook and Google.


It is always good to tag other people or an organisation in the video attaching someone to the video increases the linkage and encourages them to share it. 



Encouraging your audience to share your video, makes their audience your audience.  Competitions work really well, users have an opportunity to get something, it encourages them to share.  Example “Share and Like our video to win a free pass for a month worth £30” not only does this give people the opportunity win something, it also promotes that pass itself. 


Other Social Media Sites

Post your film on other social media sites, the easier you make it to watch for views increases the size of audience. Popular social media sites include:
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Linkedin
– Youtube

Respond and Like

“Respond” and “Like” your followers comments, this keeps the film more active.

call to action

Call to action

Ask the user to like, share and comment on the post the will bring the post up higher in facebook algorithm.