This project was something totally different for BNL, and one that has left a lasting impact on our team and those we worked with under the CURBS programme.

The aim behind the ‘Blue Lights’ Drive Safe Campaign was to develop relationships between young people and the Emergency services, dispelling myths on what exactly the job roles of those in the police, fire and ambulance service involve.

Facilitated by BNL, young people were able to get a behind the scenes visit to Portadown Fire Station and further Q&A sessions were set up with local PSNI and Fire officers, where they were warned against many dangers within anti-social behaviour, safe driving, substance abuse and underage drinking.

The climax of this project was the reenactment of a car extraction at St Marys Youth Club. We linked up with local actors and make-up artists to make this a very real situation for the crowd of young people watching, deterring them away from dangerous driving. This was all filmed by our BNL team and edited into a short advert that was shared online as part of a ‘drive safe’ campaign.

To anticipate the project, we also released a trailer, with created a lot of interest online before the two final video outputs were uploaded and shared online.
Full video including interviews
Advert which is being used as an educational tool by the Fire and Policing services: