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PEACE IV Impact Evaluation: Victims and Survivors.

Thursday 20 Oct, 10:00am – Online

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This session will discuss the impact of PEACE IV theme: Victims and Survivors.

The PEACE IV Programme, which began in 2014 is now approaching its final year, with all activities due to complete by the end of 2023. The SEUPB, with RSM UK, have finalised impact evaluations of the core objectives of the 4 PEACE IV themes Shared Education, Children and Young People, Shared Spaces and Services, and Building Positive Relations.

PEACE IV theme Victims and Survivors (which sits under the overarching theme of Shared Spaces and Services) set the objective of “providing support for interventions for victims and survivors of the conflict, to address trauma, assess physical and mental health needs and assist families to engage in historical processes.”

The SEUPB, with RSM UK, are hosting this online session to also explore the wider context the PEACE IV projects are operating in, learning more about the impact of the evaluated projects from the projects themselves and sharing findings of the impact evaluation.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the presentations – we encourage you to ask using join with code #2799639.

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