CASA- Tourism Videos-Catch a Fishing break

What a beautiful part of the world!
One of the best things about our work is the places it takes us. We are so lucky to get asked to film right across our wee island and we find it a real privilege to help translate this natural beauty on film.
We met with representatives from the Castleblayney and South Armagh Partnership to really get a flavour of what they wanted to promote through these videos. It became clear that three short videos would be the best approach, each showcasing how the area can best suit an individual target audience. To make the process really efficient we designed a shot list with them, indicating a set list of locations, contacts, props, costume and everything down to how long it would take us to travel between these locations. This meant that each shoot was quick, efficient, and inclusive of all of the area’s ‘best bits’ on offer!
We booked in actors for each video and sorted out all media release forms for extras that appeared along the way, preparation was key to making this a hassle-free project for both the client and ourselves.
We hope you enjoy watching these videos and we would definitely advise that you pay the CASA region a visit!