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Relaxed Christmas Experience

SEN Relaxed Christmas Experience One of the many families that joined the Relaxed Christmas Experience We have once again worked with Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council to host an Autism and SEN Relaxed Christmas experience for families across the borough. Having worked with the council for a number of

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We Film So You Don’t Have To | Distant Collaboration

We Film So You Don’t Have To | Distant Collaboration With the success of productions like BBC’s Silverpoint, and the production of films like The Northman, and, of course, Game of Thrones, Northern Ireland is proving itself to be an epicentre of film and video production not just locally but internationally as well. Which

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Green Screen and Screen Replacements

The Volume at Disney being used for filming during The Mandalorian. Green Screen and Screen Replacements - Save this post! Have you ever been stuck for a green screen and screen replacements?! Or had to search the web frantically whilst on a job?! Then read on... There are constant advancements in CGI

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Getting into the Industry | Some Routes to Take. There is no doubt that the film industry and video production services are on the increase in Northern Ireland. For some, including all the BNL team, working in this industry is what we wanted to do. Each one of us took a different path to

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BNL Working Internationally

We've been really busy here at BNL Productions. We've been expanding the areas of our work, welcoming new staff to the team and adding some shiny new equipment to our store . This allows us to complete even more work than before, while developing the creativity and diversity of our projects. We have loved working

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If you are local to Northern Ireland, and particuarly Belfast, you may have seen the SOS Bus driving around the area. The bus is one small part of an organisation doing large amounts of much-needed and appreciated work. This volunteer centred organisation provides a twin-track approach to helping people. In simple terms, the daytime work is

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Microlip music video to Be Part of the Peoples Park

BNL Productions have been working with the Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council on the year-long SPACE project which anticipates the re-opening of the Portadown People’s Park as a shared space. We have been delivering a communications, events and community engagement programme as part of a consortium, The Peace Builders Collaborative. Within the Communications

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Goal Line Multi-Sensory Discovery Room

Members of the Goal Line Youth Centre, based at Chambers Park in the grounds of Portadown Rugby Club, which attracts children from the age of six, secured almost £11,000 to create a sensory environment which not only benefits children but also their parents and carers. The multi sensory discovery room is an area in the

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Random Acts of Kindness #RUOK

Under the CURBS Programme, we were excited to launch a series of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ videos! Taking the lead from current trends in online media, the Random Acts of Kindness was an initiative involving small groups of teenagers who stage goodwill gestures and interact positively with the public. While showcasing their generous disposition young

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SOAR Rural Development Programme Videos

Recently we worked with the Craigavon Borough Council to produce some video work for the SOAR initiative. 
We quickly and efficiently produced two videos, one full length version and one highlights version; each serving a different purpose and relaying valuable information on two variant levels. 

Southern Organisation for Action in Rural areas (SOAR), the Joint

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