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Archie Axten | MTB | Northern Ireland

Read online on a web-site feedback on how to make a better mountain bike video, the person who wrote the article watched mountain bike videos all day as part of his job and said that he was sick of looking at filler shots and wanted to just go straight into the action. From a filmmakers

Archie Axten | MTB | Northern Ireland2016-11-04T09:34:25+00:00

Mountain Biking | Vitus First Tracks Film Competition Winner

Mountain Biking in Northern Ireland, that was the entire speck for the filming competition, anything else goes. The film highlights a group on Facebook called “Just Ride Your Bike NI” and all the riders. It highlights some of Northern Ireland’s amazing MTB spots and shows what our riders are capable of! How it started! So

Mountain Biking | Vitus First Tracks Film Competition Winner2016-11-04T09:34:26+00:00

Southbank Skate Spot, London | 360° Timelapse

To me, Long Live Southbanks campaign to protect the undercroft is a huge inspiration, and has to be one of the strongest representations of skateboarders pulling together as a global community to be heard of. I was in London on business and I have always said to myself ‘next time I'm there I have to

Southbank Skate Spot, London | 360° Timelapse2015-05-05T10:37:53+00:00

Fall Longboarding | Craigavon Lakes

Fall are a company that makes longboards and when you meet them they are a passionate about the sport longboarding itself.  This shoot was done entirely on a GoPro and as it mountability is key in filming this. If you would like some more information on the shoot or filming with the GoPro click here!

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Bounce | Trampoline BMX | Armagh

This was a simple short film to highlight the tricks and manoeuvre preformed on a BMX trampoline device. For some info on the filming of this click here!

Bounce | Trampoline BMX | Armagh2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00

Coalder | Cliff Jumping | North Coast

This film was produced for the Coalder t-shirt company, we to create a fresh natural image for the the brand using cliff jumping.  We filmed over the space of 6 hours in two locations and edited within 48 hours, when doing doing extreme sports shoots we like to 'shoot and film extreme'. Big thanks to all the

Coalder | Cliff Jumping | North Coast2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00

Fall Longboards – Jamboree – Moygashel

Fall Longboards on Sunday 20th April ran a downhill skateboarding event on Mullybrannon Road, Moygashel, County Tyrone. The team had collaborated with the P.S.N.I. to close the road to ensure safety, worked with local residents to make sure they were happy with the event. The event was a complete success, with a killer day skating

Fall Longboards – Jamboree – Moygashel2015-06-25T14:07:10+00:00

Kings of Concrete Capture Kings 2012

BNL Crowned Nikon Capture Kings for 2nd year in a row Last weekend BNL returned to the Kings of Concrete Urban Arts Festival in Dublin, which this year ran in conjunction with the Dublin Tall Ships Festival to compete in the Nikon Capture Kings competition. The ideas is to compete alongside other production teams from

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