As you may see from our list of clients, we range from corporate to community…and everything in between. One thing that we’ve quickly learnt is that you can never predict what a client’s project will involve. This one was unexpected, but brilliant!

The guys at C&C Gleeson gave us a call with an idea. They were about to host a conference and thought that an entrance video with a touch of comedy would go down nicely. We totally agreed, an unexpected video is a great way of bringing across the personality and fun of even the biggest company directors!

Inspired by Oceans Eleven, The Italian Job and Resevoir Dogs, this 5 minute video showed Ross Bissett and Jeff Tosh take on their own mission to transform the sales of their drinks brands by giving simple yet effective advice to pubs and clubs across Northern Ireland. With only a handful of words throughout the whole video the messages and advice were brought across visually, with the flick of a wrist and a clever wink….and a little bit of camera magic.

Of course, no video project is complete without an Outtakes video, and this one had us all in stitches in the studio!