Nicholas Hutchinson

Company Director Nick Hutchinson

Where to start when talking about Company Director Nick Hutchinson?! Well let’s start at the beginning. Nick and Ryan began building the business while still at University in Coleraine in 2006, where Nick achieved a BA (Hons) in Media Studies. In that time the company has developed and grown to where it is today. And Nick is incredibly proud of the team they now have around them.

Not only is Nick highly skilled and experienced in events and film productions, he has multiple awards. These awards include the ‘Best Film‘ awarded by RTE, Investors in People Award and “Best Creative Business” and “Most Innovative Business”.

Nick Hutchinson Company Director

Going the Extra Mile

Aside from these accolades, Nick is well respected and liked by all our clients. And the feeling is mutual. His priority is always the client and their needs. And he loves to work directly with clients on all three areas of the business; events, live production and filming

He has excellent communication skills and thrives on creative problem solving. In fact, Nick is known for coming up with “out there” ideas and then making them work! This approach has seen him well, as BNL Productions has been going strong ever since. 

Nick brings his attention to detail and relentless energy to everything he does! He prides himself on his meticulous nature and getting it “just right” to meet, and aims to exceed, the clients expectations. 

Further to his hands-on approach to clients and projects, Nick is always keen to know the new and latest technologies. He keeps his finger on the pulse to ensure that the company, the team and our clients get everything they want and more. 

He loves nothing more than to be on the ground doing what he’s done from day one, running a show, event managing or filming. This desire to try and experience new things, coupled with his creative spontaneity and approach to work and life, breathes energy into the BNL team daily.

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