Coming to a Car Park Near You…

With recent guidelines released by the Northern Ireland Executive, we will soon be able to jump into our cars and go to a drive-in cinema.

Whether you’re a restaurant, a shopping centre or a community centre; if you have some space, then a drive-in cinema could be the perfect option to bring people safely together through the power of the movies.  

Whilst exact timelines are currently unknown, the Government’s most recent “Pathway to Recovery” outlines that drive-in cinemas will be permitted in ‘Step 1’ of the plan to lift lockdown restrictions.  At BNL, we have over five years of experience developing and delivering outdoor and drive-in cinemas.

What might this look like?

Why not spread the cost?  You can run up to 5 films a day, we reckon with 2m social distancing you could fit 40-50 cars into a 1000m2 space.

What’s a movie without some popcorn?! But why stop there! Once guidelines are released you could potentially provide any refreshments you want directly to people in their cars. From popcorn to pizza, from burgers to drinks, from Starbucks to Subway. Whatever services your business provides,  you could tailor it to a drive-in cinema and cater for attendees in a safe way. If you don’t have the facility for refreshments we can obtain a street trading licence to provide food, snacks and drinks from local market & food traders with contactless payment.

Let us take care of the hassle

BNL can manage and safely facilitate the following services (all dependant on Government guidelines in place at the time):

Services could include:

  • An elevated HD LED Screen from 4m x 3m upwards
  • FM transmitter with appropriate licensing (so that the sound can be heard by each vehicle tuning into a dedicated FM station).
  • Acquire film(s) licenses. 
  • Themed entrance with lighting & props
  • Contactless ticketing & payment system
  • UberEats/Deliveroo style service where attendees can order snacks on their phone and have it delivered to their car window.
  • Event Management, including risk assessments
  • Site map to optimise your space (considering direct sunlight,  ground, traffic flow, emergency exits, signage etc.
  • Public liability insurance cover
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Toilets with a dedicated cleaner in full PPE to clean them after every use
  • Stewards with a traffic management qualification.
  • Pre-event marketing- e.g. graphic design of flyers, promo videos and social media marketing

From movie classics to Disney Mania, to film throwbacks. There’s something suitable for your event theme, audience, budget and even your type of venue. Imagine showing Finding Nemo while overlooking a lake; or Paul Blart: Mall Cop outside your shopping centre; or even singalong films like The Greatest Showman!

To help cover costs you may wish to have sponsorship options for the “Movie trailers” or showcase yourselves and other local businesses through adverts shown on the ‘big screen’.

All of this will be set up and managed by our experienced team, always adhering to strict government social distancing guidelines.

You can rest assured that with our experience with event management and drive-in cinemas, that we can meet your every need and still keep everyone safe and protected.

Let’s chat (virtually, of course to begin planning and explore a package that is perfect for you and your guests! 

Contact us today on 028 38323793