We decided to head down to Dubshed for the afternoon for a bit of fun and when we say fun I mean “Lets bring the ronin and the Sony FS7.”  I have to be honest, not really into cars (just wanted to film some nice stuff) but aside of the filming the event as a whole was fantastic.  Out of this session really just wanted to get some experience with filming with and around cars to explore options, arrived down with no plan other than to enjoy oneself.

Sony FS7 on the DJI Ronin

I have shot many things on the FS7 on the ronin but looking back at the footage it was definitely a more bouncy than usual.  Im gonna say it was down to two things, I was very tried that day and think that I was was just finding it difficult keep a steady shot, also trying a lot of rotational shots while walking around the car and just realised in post i don’t usually do that, so maybe something to practice a bit more.     

Editing 4K in proxy on Laptop

This was difficult it was the first time I had used my laptop to edit FS7 4K footage we usually use the iMac’s with a higher spec and made this edit very frustrating. Definitely need an upgrade to a better laptop and would also go for a bigger hard drive (80GB currently) for on the go editing and a faster workflow.

Hand off

Have to get a good hand off on a project, still have not been successful.  Tried it in two occasions through the Porche didn’t work as 14mm lens on the camera was not wide enough and couldn’t get the ronin and the camera far enough back to get a good shot inside the car,  even when we did the hand off it was still very shaky and is a skill in itself.  The second location we tried to hand it over the body of the plane which was less awkward than though the car, it was still fairly difficult to do and get a seamless shot, defiantly need more practice to perfect this art. 

Ryan Loney (BNL Productions) | Producer / Director / Editor
Andrew Robinson (United Stance) | Producer
Paddy O’Kane (BNL Productions) | Colourist / Camera work
Jason Joy (Corepolo) | Animation
Gary Jackson (Junkie Inc) | Camera work

Music | DEAF KEV / Invincible