Based in Denver, United States, Sounds True work with Eckhart Tolle to distribute his content globally. Our journey began in 2014 with a small sound recording project in the Waterfront, Belfast, from there our relationship has grown and has seen us travel to LA, Norway, Sweden, France, Greece, Budapest, London and Dublin. We record each of Eckharts teachings via a multi-camera setup and send the files digitally to Sounds True in the US, more recently we have been streaming the content as it happens, Live to their online platforms so people from all over can watch.

These projects require a lot of planning and organising, we work alongside venues and sub-contractors in various countries to deliver these events precisely how Sounds True like. We plan everything from travel and accommodation to equipment booking and crew, we have learned a lot along this journey and look forward to the future.

– Belfast, Northern Ireland
– Oslo, Norway 2016
– Paris, France
– Oslo, Norway 2018
– London, England
– Dublin, Ireland
– Budapest, Hungary
– Kalamata, Greece
– Los Angeles, United States

Behind the scene in Greece 2018

“I initially started working with BNL because I saw a focused, dedicated, and driven team. I continue to use BNL because I quickly realized they care about my project as much as I do.

The most important thing to me as a producer is the audience, and the presenters at my events will have an amazing experience and that the content of what is being presented is held in high regard. In a matter of hours on our first production together, BNL demonstrate an unwavering commitment to these things and have continued, for years now, hold these needs in high regard.

What most impresses me about BNL is the fact that my project is just as important to them as it is to me.

I’ve had the distinct privilege to work with some excellent production companies in the US and in Europe, but none of them have gained the level of confidence and comfort that BNL has in my mind. When I have a project I need help with, there is no question who I will call.”


Let’s Work Together


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