Eckhart Tolle Tour

We are used to getting all kinds of weird and wonderful phone calls to the studio and we love taking on new jobs. This one has got to be up there with one of the most memorable. Steve , a guy we now consider a great friend, phoned us from Sounds True in America.  Steve leads the media team that record Eckhart Tolle (and other leading spiritual leaders) on their tours so that live audiences can view big screens and followers can watch and share the videos after the event. We were asked to complete this service when Eckhart Tolle was speaking in his sold out conference at the Belfast Waterfront Hall and, of course, we were delighted to say yes. When Steve mentioned that he was about to phone around some companies to do the same same service in Europe we jokingly said “Sure, fly us around Europe and we’ll do it!” Before we knew it we were packing our suitcases and booking our flights to both Norway and Switzerland!

This really was a fantastic experience. Our recent investment in the most current Black Magic Studio Cameras meant that we could colour the cameras in real time and our four man team had more control than ever before. We spent a week in Norway recording up to three of Eckhart’s talks a day from a variety of angles; mixing the feed live to the big screens for an audience of 1,000.

Many thanks to Steve and the team at Sounds True for having us along. We had a blast and look forward to working with you all again soon!