End of 2016 – Longboarding at Belfast Castle 

Last filming session of 2016 at Belfast Castle, had planned for another location that day but something put a spanner in the works.  Stayed tuned though cause that shoot is still on the table.  Cracker day for December and because of Christmas holidays availability was good for everyone, Fall Crew rock. 

DJI Ronin on a Skateboard

This type of shoot is brilliant to highlight a long smooth piece of action when the opportunity arrises. Can be quite difficult when skating backwards but think it is worth it, its easy to get the shot but stopping is always the issue.

Ronin Actions shots

Being able to use the ronin for actions shots adds so much production value and creates such a nicer shot.  Issues is the size of it, especially when you have an FS7 attached.  Really think the gimbal for the GoPro would be a worth while purchase especially for a shoot like this. 

Scenery Belfast Castle

Had to get some shoots of Belfast Castle in was just to iconic to leave out.  It was out of the the way of the main area for longboarding thats why there are so many filler shots at the start to lead into it.  Really don’t like using filler shots and want to normally get straight into the action but sometimes it has to be done.


December really difficult time to shoot outside with shadows because the sun is so low in the sky.  Trying to get the action in and the blue skies was difficult even when shooting in s-log3 on a sony FS7.  To save you having to look it up thats 14 stops of dynamic range. The area is mainly covered in trees but in open areas like at the main garden in the castle you can see it a lot easier to work with cause light is distributed equally. 

Content Slowmo (Sony FS7 150fps)

Shot everything in slow motion on this type of shoot. Being able to do this was great and then having the decision on what to use later.  Also speeded it up slightly more to make it look faster than it actually was a few times but only when I could get aways with it.


Ryan Loney (BNL Productions) | Producer / Director / Camera Operator / Editor.
Jeff Taylor | Camera operator.
Paddy O’kane | Colourist.
Paul McKanks | Skater.
Rob Aengus Stewart | Skater.
Caolán J Colgan | Skater.

Royal Deluxe | Dangerous | Music.