Farrans Construction

Farrans Construction is an established building and civil engineering contractor with operational interests throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Multi-million pound contracts from Hotels to Healthcare, you can see their vast range of work on here. A huge company with an impressive portfolio of work across the globe and so, of course, we loved getting the opportunity to work with them.

Project Plan

At BNL Productions, we have a strong understanding of corporate approaches to video marketing. It’s important to highlight the best in a really concise and professional manner, holding the attention of a the audience throughout. With such a broad clientele, the challenge was to incorporate information appropriate to the majority watching this video. This is where preparation is vitally important.

At BNL Productions, we take great care to work with each of our clients to plan a strong paper edit and video structure before even lifting a camera. Choosing the right team members is always a priority, so when it came to this we knew that Stuart and Drew were the ideal choice, Drew himself having a background in architecture and design. Right through to post-production, these team members remained attached to the project, ensuring that the key messages and vision of the client were translated in the final piece.

Filming in London

The added bonus was, of course, that Stuart and Drew got a wee trip to London to showcase some of Farrans’ work taking place farther afield. Never underestimate the effort it takes to bring camera equipment onto a tube, though. All efforts were more than worthwhile as there’s no better feeling than sending over a first draft of a video to hear back from a client that they have little to no changes!