The Farset Project

The Farset Project aims at connecting communities through the arts. This is one of seven flagship Creative Belfast projects funded by the Belfast City Council and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to value of £900,000. This project was really interesting! When we first met the team managing the Farset Project we had no idea about the wealth of history hidden beneath the streets of our own Capital City!

Dating back to 700BC, this river has provided a life source to settling communities, driven local economy and even inspired the name for ‘Belfast’ itself. There is so much happening throughout the next year to celebrate this rich history, from events to workshop programmes and public art pieces- make sure you keep up to date with everything going on by checking out their Facebook page!

Animated promo video

We loved it when we first met with this client and they suggested an animated video to promote the  Farset Project. Firstly, we talked through the project to make sure we understood the context, importance and key aims behind what was going on- making sure that this all came across in our short promo video. It’s always our aim to keep these types of videos short, but very sweet! We worked with our client up in Culturlann to put together the voiceover script that created the main structure for this video, making sure it was concise and informative, with all key messages coming across. A video treatment and storyboard allowed us to really envisage as a team what the end product would look like, so we could quickly get to work with the production process!

Our senior animator, Jason, is somewhat of a wizard when it comes to this type of work and he approached this with the great amount of detail, enthusiasm and professionalism that it deserved. When it came to choosing the voice behind the words, we wanted to make sure that we used a familiar, local and friendly voice and brought in our good friend and fantastic actor Gerard McCabe to record the voiceover. A gentleman to work with, as always!

We hope that you enjoy watching the video, finding out more about the Farset, and if you are thinking about promoting your event or project we’d love to hear more from you today!