Video Production with ASG & Partners

Continuing our partnership with ASG & Partners (ASG), BNL were recently tasked with creating a television advertisement for Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council (LCCC).

Working alongside a creative director from ASG, our in house team developed a storyboard and style to best capture the upcoming ‘Festival of Light’. We worked in partnership with Style Academy to cast two actors and CorePolo to provide Visual Effects. Over a two-night shoot, BNL provided a camera crew and a director who worked alongside ASG and LCCC to capture the real feeling of the ‘Festival of Light’.

Working within a tight schedule we had to edit, incorporate visual effects and have a voice over professionally recorded. Our in house editor then provided all mastering, clocking and delivery services to ensure all parties had the final ad in time for broadcast.

The final piece can now be seen on Channel 4, UTV and SkyAdsmart channels. We look forward to continuing our relationship with both ASG and LCCC.