Ryan Tracey “The Worlds Fastest Balloon Modeller”

Ryan Tracey otherwise known as “Duff Balloons”, “Semi-Finalist from Britain’s Got Talent”, “The World’s Fastest Balloon Modeller,” or “The Balloon Ninja.”  He also happens to be the Father of five adorable kids and can even pull a few break dancing moves. He’s a pretty darn impressive guy that we love working with- one of the best! Ryan currently holds a number of Guinness world records (a number so big that he’s lost count)! Ryan has appeared on Britain’s Got Talent, Blue Peter, Ninja Warrior and been the star guest at events across the country. We were delighted when Ryan came to us looking to increase his online presence and grow his social media channels with a focus on driving traffic to his YouTube channel.

Our task at BNL Productions was to produce 20 video tutorials on how to make separate balloon creations. What makes this job unique is the the quantity of content, producing in bulk for staggered release dates, one per week over the space of 20 weeks. We developed the “Twister Thursdays” release plan alongside Ryan to help increase his subscribers giving them the promise of new content released weekly.


Extensive planning went in to producing the first film.  Putting together everything from animated intros, exciting thumbnails, accompanying text and tagging as well as embedding links to each upload. Once the first video was uploaded, we used this as a template for rolling out the remaining 19 videos with a consistent format. As the process for filming, editing and uploading was so efficient we were them able to provide an additional 10 videos for his Youtube Channel within Ryan’s original budget.

The Process

A basic 3 camera set up with lighting and a neutral backdrop was put up in our studio.
We used this set up is for a number of reasons:-

1. Efficiency
This job had a focus on quality so we wanted to produce as much as we could within the budget we had.
2. Focus
We want the viewers attention to be focused on the balloon modelling, the studio/ backdrop style worked well as it eliminated unnecessary distractions and allowed us to add typography instructions onto the white backdrop.
3. Angles
We wanted to have 3 cameras to get the best angle of the movements involved in making each balloon model. It also made it much easier for the editor to piece the film together!

The Intro

Targeting the YouTube audience, we wanted to make the videos entertaining and bring Ryan’s personality across. We created a short 15 second intro to each video that would highlight who Ryan is and showcase his energy, passion and enthusiasm.

Summary of services provided:
• Director and Camera operator
• Visual editing
• Integration of tracked typography and animated graphics
• Social Media Managment

This project shows how our diverse and creative flair can be used with various production techniques as well as how style and approach can be moulded to suit specific products and clients.

BNL were a superb choice for my project and I didn’t hesitate to engage them. Being a client of over 10 years I knew the excellence that BNL deliver, consistently exceeding expectations. Throughout the process everything was effortless and comfortable. BNL produced content for my new Youtube Channel that is without doubt some of the greatest content available globally in my specific area of interest. BNL’s creativity and attention to detail was second to none. It was a genuine pleasure to do business with BNL, who in my opinion are the best company for any multi-media project, at any scale!

Client Feedback, Duff Balloons