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As a civilisation we have been storytellers since our time began so if you want TV adverts, promotional videos, explainer videos, animations, informational videos, social media videos or any video production services then BNL Productions is the team for you and your story. We know that each and every client is different and we want to help shape your stories into the best video productions that you can imagine. We work with you by listening to what you have to say, how you want to say it and develop a project that shines.

As an award winning team, we’ve been capturing and showcasing peoples and organisations stories for over 16 years. We’re based in Lurgan, Northern Ireland, and are proud to work with clients locally, nationally and internationally. 

Our in-house team comprises project managers, creative producers, videographers, directors, writers, animators and editors. By having everything at our fingertips we are able to offer first class video production services. So whether you have a cause; a message; want to showcase your work; promote a product; or have a service you want people to know about, the story you have to tell matters to us.

How We Work

From concept to completion we will be by your side to create your content and each client receives their very own Creative Project Manager. Throughout the process of making your videos your Project Manager will be there using their expertise to advise you and manage all aspects of your video production. They will offer advice and guidance throughout to ensure that your story is told in the most captivating way possible.

Our Pre Production Video Production Services

When it comes to pre production for video production services all in the planning and this has never been more true when it comes to pre production. This is why we give all our clients a dedicated project manager who will be there to guide you throughout the lifetime of your project. As such we offer a number of pre production services including:

  • Client Management from initial call through to completion.
  • Concept development.
  • Budget management.
  • Project schedules including key milestones.
  • Scripting and script editing; for example narrative, informational and autocue.
  • Social media content plans.
  • Storyboarding.
  • Booking crew including our in-house team and extensive number of freelancers such as directors, DP’s and sound recordists.
  • Casting professional actors and models. Including contact sheets, CV’s and self tape auditions.
  • Book all the equipment for your filming using our internal booking system; Current.
  • Location sourcing, scouting or site visits. 
  • Contracts including media releases, location releases, buyout contracts for TV.
  • Script/Storyboard approval for TV adverts via CopyCentral.
  • Film scheduling with a focus on for large scale, multi location/cast filming projects.
  • Liaising with location managers and organisations. 
  • Shot lists.
  • Call sheets.
  • Risk assessments.
Pre production at BNL

Our Production Video Productions Services for Filming 

With pre-production completed, your crew will work tirelessly to capture all the visual and audio you hope for. Our crews are always adaptable and whilst they have all the preparations in place they will also use their artistic skills to film everything required and more. Their aim is to always ensure that you and our editors have more than enough footage to make sure that your videos will be first class. 

We regularly invest to keep up to date with high-end media equipment which comes free of charge to our clients. We have ample high-end broadcast film equipment to facilitate numerous filming sessions at any one time and we are confident that we can cater for any project.  Our Equipment store includes multiple high end cameras shooting in 4k and 25/50/100 fps; tripods; lighting; sound recording equipment; gimbals; sliders; prime lens.

With our award winning team and a wealth of highly sort after freelancers we can offer the following video production services:

  • Camera operators.
  • Videographers.
  • Directors.
  • DP’s.
  • Production Assistants. 
  • Drone operators.
  • Photographers.
  • Set dressers including bespoke set builds.
  • Professional cast and models.
  • Secure servers for backing up footage.
Shoulder cam

Our Post-Production Video Production Services

They say a film or video is made three times; once when it’s written or conceived, once when it’s filmed and once when it’s edited. In post production you will see your story come to life. 

To ensure that your videos tell the stories you want we have many post productions services we can offer:

  • Post production management including draft versions of your edits.
  • Secure server and backs of all your footage.
  • Visual editing.
  • Virtual editing sessions to review video amendments
  • Videos shared securely and privately via Vimeo.
  • Vimeo review functionality to add digitally timestamped comments for any changes
  • Graphic design.
  • Animation.
  • Text graphics.
  • Visual effects.
  • Colour grading.
  • Voice over recording.
  • Micro Content.
  • Edit ratios and size for social media or internal video screens including vertical, square and standard 16:9.
  • Subtitles that can include proofreading for ease of translation into other languages.
  • BSL/ISL services.
  • Royalty free music or custom composed scores.

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