Paddy O'Kane - Senior Editor

Paddy O’Kane

Introducing Paddy O’Kane

Where to start when introducing Paddy O’Kane?! He is at the heart of the film department as the Senior Video Editor at BNL Productions. Joining the team in 2012 as a work experience candidate and has since become a beloved fixture. All our clients love his tremendous talent and heart-warming charisma.

Introducing Paddy O'Kane - Senior Editor at BNL Productions.

Paddy’s exceptional skills and willingness to go above and beyond has earned him a reputation as a one-in-a-million team player. Likewise, he is an expert in taking footage and turning it into something extraordinary.

Paddy is highly experienced in all sorts of editing work. He has worked on TV adverts and delivered them to broadcasters. He has edited promo videos, informational videos and even training videos. Similarly, he has even gone to events and completed same day edits. For one client, he did 40 (yes 40!) same day edits at an event.

So Much More than an Editor

If editing wasn’t enough Paddy is the driving force behind team lunch. His expert toastie-making skills are legendary within the office. Furthermore, it shows how much he cares about the team. And the feeling is mutual!

When he’s not working his magic on an edit or whipping up a tasty lunch, Paddy enjoys swimming and the outdoors. He is known for his infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude. 

Although he is a coffee lover, Paddy’s go-to “hug in a mug” is a dirty chai tea latte. His dedication to his work and warm personality make him a go-to choice for clients looking for exceptional video editing services.Paddy O'Kane Senior Editor

Contact BNL Productions today to learn more about how Paddy and the team can help bring your project to life. With his exceptional skills and infectious personality, he is sure to exceed your expectations and deliver amazing results.

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