Lights, Camera Math ‘a’ Magic for Danske Bank

BNL Productions worked along side Cahoots NI & Danske Bank to create the interactive custom animations to coincide with the show.  Visuals on screen left commence to show a trick, magicians pull props out of the screen and literally walk over to screen right to put them into the that screen all to aid in digital magic to teach math to young people in an innovative creative way.
Cahoots NI’s team of magical Math ‘a’ Magicians replace text books with mind-blowing puzzles, dazzling skill and lots of magic and illusions…all with a mathematical twist! The Math ‘a’ Magicians demonstrate the magic of maths in this fun, interactive show, as they perform extraordinary feats of mind-reading, misdirection and illusion that will capture the imagination of children and adults alike.  At the end of each performance pupils will receive there very own copy of our Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic book which explains how some of the tricks they saw worked as well as added tricks and puzzles.
Cahoots NI’s and Northern Bank’s award-winning Math ‘a’ Magic production, toured five times last year to hundreds of primary schools across Northern Ireland. The new production encompasses all of the maths, magic and illusion of the first Math ‘a’ Magic show but on a larger scale and with an incredible multi-media twist.

“We are really excited to be upscaling our Math ‘a’ Magic show to include an exciting multi-media twist,” says Cahoots NI artistic director Paul Mc Eneaney. “We hope to bring this free production to an estimated 8000 Key Stage 2 pupils in the forthcoming months. The Lights, Camera, Math ‘a’ Magic performance will combine the mystery of magic with the magic of maths to make an unforgettable multi-media learning experience,” explains McEneaney.