BNL Crowned Nikon Capture Kings 2011

We sent a team of four to Dublin as 1 of 5 film companies in Ireland chosen to produce the best short film on the extreme sports festival by the end of the weekend. Filming the set up on Friday morning and premiering the final edit on Sunday night was a non stop thrill.

When we watched the other 4 films we knew the competition was tight but from the crowd reaction we were quietly confident. Judged by organisers, sponsors, specialists and past winners we were so grateful of the award and response. Event organiser Ciarán Mc Grath posted “Gotta give it to BNL Productions they killed it!!” The custom 3D animation was all produced on site and through the night, Ryan Micheal, Phil Hopper, Nick & Loney were the team. Company DIrector Nick Hutchinson said “we loved to opportunity to do something with an open licence, we pulled out all the stops, aerial views, motorised time-lapse and a tailored remixed music track thanks to Bobby Analogue who’s Clare Maguire/Nero remix with Dead Prez – Hip-Hop‏ got big wow’s when the slow-mo breakdancer footage kicked in.”

Thanks Kings of Concrete, Nikon & Mountain Dew!

Capture Kings 2011

< Left: Ryan Michael, Nick, Loney & Phil with the trophy