Choosing the right screen for your event

Event technology is moving forward at the fastest pace we have ever seen and screen technology is playing a huge part in this. From large LED TV’s,  to Projectors,  and now LED Walls, the possibilities are endless for communicating with your attendees. With most homes now having HD screens, the public expect the same quality (if not better) when they attend an event.

When choosing which screen technology to integrate into your event there are many things to consider, including:

    • Venue size (accommodating larger screens can be more expensive)
    • Brightness of venues will affect what type of screen you can use
    • Quality of the screen (should at least match what people have in their living rooms)
    • Screen size (appropriate for size of audience)
    • Quantity of screens (perhaps the audience is spread out)

The screen is really only as good as the content displayed. At BNL we can create custom content to match the screen size and resolution, resulting in a more professional and overall more memorable event.  Whether you are displaying a presentation, promotional video, live feed or other content we are confident that with our experience and technical knowledge,  we can find a solution that fits your needs.

We have detailed a few items below to consider when choosing the right screen for your event. However, we’re only at the other end of a phone if you want to chat this through more detail with a member of our team.

LED Walls

LED Screens, or Walls as they are also known , have become a huge part of the event sector over the last number of years. They were traditionally used in larger outdoor events such as concerts, however, in the last 5 years we have seen a huge uptake it these LED walls at smaller indoor events.

As one of Northern Irelands leading Production companies, we have used LED screens at various events ranging from small mobile screens to larger screens up to 10 metres wide. You are only limited by your budget and imagination when it comes to LED Screens.


    • These screens are the brightest of all screens and can even be used in direct sunlight
    • LED walls can be used outdoors, even if its raining
    • They are extremely thin, only requiring approximately 1m of space from any other surface
    • LED walls are completely flexible in how they are set up, they can be left standing or integrated into any structure


    • The pixel pitch (or resolution) needs to be considered, the larger the pixel pitch,  the further away your audience will need to be. This also needs to be considered for your content,  as smaller pixel pitch screens can result in your content looking blurred or out of focus.
    • They tend to be heavy and can require heavy rigging points in venues. However, if you are ground stacking the screen then the weight should not be an issue as long as there is a solid base.
    • Power can be a factor when considering an LED screen, however, always get in touch with us

These walls are becoming increasingly popular and provide a great talking point at any event, together with our ability to create custom content, these can really make your event stand out. We work with a number of suppliers and are confident that we can find a solution for your event.


We are all familiar with projection, these have been the main source of large-screen displays for many years, and they still have their place in large events today. The technology has moved on massively which has seen brightness, resolution and size increase.

Projection surfaces can be anything from a basic white wall, large high-quality projection screens and now even buildings and products such as cars etc. With the right amount of innovation, projection can be extremely versatile, from creating wide stage backdrops or even a full 360-degree projection.


    • Low cost
    • Variable screen sizes
    • Ability to project directly onto products or buildings, bringing them to life
    • 3D availability
    • Easily fitted


    • Can’t be used in direct sunlight, best performance is in a dark room or at night
    • Critical to get correct distance between the projector and screen/surface
    • Shadows can be cast if someone walks between the screen and the projector

Projection is one of the most cost-effective ways to have a large screen or screens at your event. With the right type of venue they can offer a great experience to your audience and with the correct content, they can make your event and message really stand out.

LED/Plasma/OLED Displays

These screens are more commonly found in homes, offices and shop windows-  with sizes varying from 15” up to 110” and they are continuing to grow. These screens are one of the most cost-effective for smaller events and can be used for various applications.

Their weight allows them to be mounted in various locations and can be easily fitted at height and by 1 or 2 people. The range of connectivity on these screens make them extremely versatile. They can also be grouped together to make larger displays using the correct equipment.


    • Cost-effective
    • Lightweight, 1 or 2 people can fit these at any height
    • They are versatile as with various connection options


    • Screen size is limited, common sizes range from 42” to 70”, anything bigger can be more expensive as they are less common.
    • Indoor use only, however, they can be used outdoors if they are under cover
    • Brightness and screen glare can have an effect

Screens like these have multiple uses and take very little setting up. You can also use multiple screens around an event space at very little cost. We have a variety of these screens available to our clients.