The Big Summer Read is a free Libraries NI initiative to engage with young people, children and families to encourage people to “..race to their local library…” through the Summer months. With the Big Summer Read participants receive a free booklet which they collect stamps in everytime they check out books. 

We were appointed to write, direct, edit and produce a 2 minute film along with 6 versions lasting for 30 second for social media content. 


Each summer there is a different theme; This year was sports. With this theme and the catchphrase “Ready. Steady. Read.” we devised a concept that involved two children coming to the library and being inspired to learn about sports and to achieve their dreams. 

We worked through this concept and drafted a script that involved the children taking part in six different sports activities, taking out books and collection stamps, as well as including a voice over with all the relevant information. This culminated in them completing the booklet and climbing upon a podium and raising a trophy as the true winners that they are. 

We visited the filming location and created storyboards taking into consideration the environment we were filming in and the young performers we would be working with.


The six sports that were the focus of the film all involved movement and we wanted to creatively include this fluidity within the film. We wanted to create the perspective of moving within the camera movement or the action taking place within the frame. To do this we used a range of camera movements such as tracking shots (Ronin) and slider shots. For example, following the rolling golf ball past the books. 

A director and camera operator filmed all the scenes over the course of one day at Lisburn City Library during opening hours and half term break.


After creating a 2 minute version of the film, we produced 6 micro edits for social media. Working closely with the team at Libraries NI and we discussed the social media platform that they use the most and then custom designed the edit suitable for that platform. We can custom edit films to fit Facebook, Instagram Stories, IGTV and Twitter.

With our in-house recording studio we were able to record all the voice overs for this project with ease and efficiency. This meant that we were able to deliver the finished project two weeks ahead of schedule.

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