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Diane Lynn

Getting to Know Diane Lynn

Where do we start when getting to know Diane Lynn?! Diane has been with BNL Productions since 2013 not long after moving to NI from England. She came to us already experienced as a script writer, film production and project management. 

Diane Lynn - Head of Film at BNL ProductionsDiane first started her journey with us as a freelancer then in 2019 she joined the team permanently in 2019. And we don’t know what we ever did without her. In fact, she took the role and the film department by storm, so in 2022 she became the Head of Film!

Aside from working at BNL Productions, Diane makes her own films. She loves to write screenplays and bring them to life, which is why she is an award winning writer/director. 

And when she’s not doing all of that, she has also been working with the BFI Film Academy at the AmmA Centre Armagh since 2017. She loves to impart the things she has learnt (and is still learning) as a filmmaker. Diane is a huge advocate and supporter of getting my female/female identifying filmmakers into the industry. We even wrote a blogpost about it for International Women’s day 2023.

Diane is a proud member of Cinesisters UK and loves to turn her hand, and mind, to anything creative. From watching movies to making them; from costume making to belting out songs; from arts & crafts to model making; from audio books & reading to escape rooms; she loves life. And the odd almond milk chai latte with extra foam!

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