Made in the Borough

On 9th June the ‘Made in the Borough’ event was hosted in the Craigavon Civic Centre. This economic conference invited businesses and companies were invited to celebrate everything made in the borough and to hear about the new Regeneration & Development Strategy for the Armagh City, Bainbridge and Craigavon Borough Council.

Audio-Visual Support

As an important event outlaying key information and plans to steer the next five years, it was a privilege to be asked along to provide audio-visual support. We worked closely with organisers of the event to make sure we would compliment the day’s activities the best we could with our set up and made sure that we went along the night before to run through every last detail to avoid any “technical difficulties” on the day.

We were able to provide a screen to relay all video and keynote presentations (cueing them up on the day), create an atmosphere with background music and ensure all sound elements were crisp and clear. Live filming also added another dimension to the event, as the detail of the speaker could be shown on the screen, allowing every member of the audience to experience everything in the same detail.