The form below collects relevant information used for the processing of purchase order numbers and payment of invoices to all suppliers for BNL Productions Ltd. All information is stored in accordance with GDPR and is not passed on to anyone outside of BNL Productions Ltd.

This is a one time only process for all suppliers. Purchase order numbers and payments will only be issued once this form is completed in full. Failure to complete the relevant information below will result in your payment being delayed.

The Process for payment from BNL to suppliers:

  • Project Manager agrees the cost  and service delivery with the supplier

  • Project Manager requests a purchase order for total net value of goods/services from the BNL finance team. For those businesses, not VAT registered, a purchase order for the gross amount will be requested.

  • Finance team sends out the purchase order via email to the supplier.

  • The purchase order number should be clearly stated onto the supplier’s invoice and sent to for processing.

  • Invoices should only be sent when the work is fully completed. Invoices received before the work is complete will be void.

  • All queries relating to invoices and payments should be directed to the BNL Productions Finance team using the email address below. Project Managers will not be able to respond to these enquiries.

Invoices with valid purchase orders will be processed for payment within 60 days from receipt of the invoice and NOT the date on the invoice.

If you would like further information on how we use your data or if you have any enquires relating to your payment please feel free to get in touch with us. All enquires relating to payments should be directed to our finance team.

028 3832 3793

VAT Registration number: GB 238181014