Only Just Media Summit

The “Only Just Media” summit brings brands and social media influencers together in order to create collaborative content (video, photo, blog posts and more).  As a key sponsor to the event, it was great to see such a wide variety of people from different industries and backgrounds. Skills and backgrounds ranged from digital marketing and business owners to illustrators, photographers and film makers, with one thing linking them, their use of social media platforms on an influential level. 

Thanks to
@adamtate_ for the images below 
@maettina for the illustrations 

Set up

We provided full sound and lighting as well as a visual package, set up for recording all keynote speeches. Large screens surrounded the room, immersing the audience into the content. Our setup was particularly unique as the video captured is to be used for social media purposes to produce pillar content on video and audio platforms and then produce micro content to drive traffic to that.  We also had camera operators capturing footage throughout the conference, that was being offloaded live to an editor to produce a highlight film straight after the conference maximise promotion.

Keynote Speaking

We had the honour to speak at the conference and voice our opinion as practitioners in the industry. We would just like to give a big thank you to Lucy for giving us the opportunity to do so, and share a stage with so many influential and motivational people. 

Summary of services provided:
• Director and Camera operator
• Visual editing
• Audio set up
• Visual set up 55′ televisions
• Lighting
• Camera Operation
• Visual Editing

This project shows how our diverse and creative flair can be used with various production techniques as well as how style and approach can be moulded to suit specific products and clients.

Thanks to BNL Productions for the endless support over the years. I don’t think I’d be where I am without you taking a chance on me when I was 14.

Client Feedback, Lucy McMullan