It’s not easy having to write this blog post 🙁
Phil Hopper has been at the core of the BNL team pretty much from the start!
He came to BNL on work experience and decided not to leave (good choice Phil!) Since then, he has been behind every camera, in the middle of every event, and editing in front every iMac in the studio. He is often referred to as ‘Google’ as he can often come up with the answer to…everything…quicker than the search engine ever could.

Needless to say he will be sorely missed but we couldn’t be happier for him as he leaves to go off to Manchester to work for Media City. A great opportunity for him to spread his wings…and be reunited with his best pal and much missed previous BNL employee, Ryan Michael.

Here is a wee video we made for his leaving party! Enjoy laughing at our expense!