Project Description

Honoured to have project managed this youth radio station for 5 years and have been involved from 1999.  We built the studio, train the young people and get them on the air each year.   This video says it all!


Now in its 15th broadcast, XtremeFM is a youth and community radio station produced by young people from all across Craigavon. Significantly funded from Neighborhood Renewal the project is run by the SELB and has again recruited over 30 new participants from all backgrounds and capabilities.  The young people are put through their paces with an intensive community relations programme and a relationship building residential. With a well gelled group developed they dive into learning and preparing to DJ, present and entertain the public for the 3 week broadcast.

In the past, Xtreme has been transmitted though FM radio waves but more recently a massive online presence has resulted in a more interactive and creative experience for the group and audience. Nick from the station management company BNL Productions says “radio is not dead it’s just getting better! At Xtreme we’re moving away from the website and focusing on a huge facebook presence offering a mass of apps, video and audio along with the live video stream“

But it isn’t just the live broadcasting that keeps the team enthusiastic. Aisling Dickson can’t wait to “party it up in the studio”, but is also getting a great deal from the preparation. “I Love going every Monday night, it’s so much fun. The ressie (residential) was cool, the next one needs to be better!”

The SELB would like to thank Neighborhood Renewal Partnership for the ongoing support and financing the successful project. To follow the project search for Xtreme FM on facebook.