Under the CURBS Programme, we were excited to launch a series of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ videos!

Taking the lead from current trends in online media, the Random Acts of Kindness was an initiative involving small groups of teenagers who stage goodwill gestures and interact positively with the public.

While showcasing their generous disposition young people also presented their social skills by interacting across diverse age groups, genders, nationalities and religions profiling the innovation and spirit of our local young people.

This project was facilitated by BNL, with initial sessions exploring examples of existing hidden camera shows and filming techniques that can be used to capture natural reactions of the public.

The young people themselves were then guided through the process of deciding upon their own ideas, linking with local community representatives, such as ‘Portadown Cares’ to discover what the needs of the community really were.

BNL facilitators then went undercover with the young people throughout these various filming sessions, meeting lots of people from across the community and helping challenge the stereotype of young people as they went.

When participants developed the concept of “R.U.OK”, our animator Jason developed an intro to introduce all six videos that were then edited throughout the final few months of the Curbs Programme.

One of our favourites definitely has to be linking with the Lifeline group of Portadown College. As a past pupil, Rebekah was excited to get them involved and made a link with local fold, Carrickeden Grange, to arrange a surprise visit by the pupils. This video reached out to almost 20,000 people on Facebook within 2 weeks and was shared over 100 times with some really memorable and touching comments.


Project manager- 

Rebekah Hampton



Jo Hamilton

Diane Jessie Miller

Nick Hutchinson