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Company Director Ryan LoneyRyan Loney Company Director and Senior Videographer

Meet Ryan Loney, the dynamic and visionary Company Director and Senior Videographer of BNL Productions! Since day one, Ryan’s infectious passion, incredible talent and wealth of experience have been the beating heart of the company. As a co-founder, he has sprinkled the magic of creativity and innovation into every aspect of BNL Productions, transforming it into a vibrant and sought-after player in the world of videography. Which is why BNL has won Investors in People Award and “Best Creative Business” and “Most Innovative Business” awarded by the local Council.

Finger on the Pulse

Ryan Loney on a shoot at City Hall for Belfast OneRyan is like a video virtuoso, always on top of the latest and greatest videography techniques. He’s got that magical touch that keeps BNL Productions ahead of the curve, delivering videos that dazzle and delight. Whether it’s experimenting with new gadgets or exploring innovative storytelling methods, Ryan’s adventurous spirit infuses every project with a breath of fresh air.

But it doesn’t stop there! Ryan understands the social media scene like nobody else. He knows that in a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, eye-catching videos are the real superstars. With a wink and a nod to the power of social media, he crafts video content that makes people stop scrolling, hit the share button, and go, “Wow!” Just check out his LoneyDude and ‘Get Up a Dad’ socials to find out.

Ryan Loney with Hilary ClintonYou’d think that’s all, but Ryan is a true jack-of-all-trades. Not only does he wield the camera like a maestro, but he’s also a digital marketing wizard. With a sprinkle of digital magic and a dash of creative brilliance, he cooks up bespoke marketing strategies that ensure BNL’s videos hit the bullseye with their target audience, every single time.

Ryan Loney on a shoot with Diane LynnAnd did we mention his eye for detail? It’s mind-boggling! Ryan is like a precision engineer, constantly fine-tuning BNL’s internal processes to perfection. Feedback after each project is his secret sauce, helping him whip up even smoother workflows for future endeavours. 

Efficiency is his middle name and the BNL team is always ready to dance to the beat of his well-orchestrated plans. With his upbeat energy and an unwavering commitment to creating jaw-dropping video content, he keeps BNL Productions dancing to the rhythm of success, one fantastic video at a time!