We were absolutely delighted to be working alongside the incredible team at the Seamus Heaney Homeplace and Mid Ulster District Council on the production of both video and photo content to promote their centre and the surrounding area. This was to work in line with overarching campaigns from Discover NI.


We presented a series of fantastic options to meet the client’s brief and were delighted with their final choice of actors for this project. We have worked with the fabulous Nuala (CMPR) and Derek (Jobbing Actor) numerous times and knew that they would bring professionalism and personality to the project.

Alongside our client, we put their vision down on paper and prepared a storyboard and shotlist for filming; making sure there was adequate opportunity to capture unforgettable stills along the way.


A Director and camera operator worked in tandem to capture moments that would come together to produce a seamless narrative.

Partnering up with Rob Durston, stills were captured that would compliment the overall campaign and branding.

Post Production

Once back in the studio, project manager David Moody led our editor in the production of the final piece, combining music, bottom thirds, branding and taking feedback from the client to make sure the end product was ready for upload and met all expectations.

Images of the Event

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