To me, Long Live Southbanks campaign to protect the undercroft is a huge inspiration, and has to be one of the strongest representations of skateboarders pulling together as a global community to be heard of. I was in London on business and I have always said to myself ‘next time I’m there I have to get down and see this place.’ I had a few free hours in the morning and thought this was a great opportunity to get down to Southbank.

Many videos I have seen of Southbank have always been taken from one camera angle. I wanted to use a 360 filming technique as it gives a full perspective of the whole skate spot for anyone who has not been there. When I arrived, I set up a Go Pro on time-lapse mode on top of an egg timer and stood behind the camera while it was shooting for an hour. Within that time frame I got talking to two guys who were also down to visit the place who specialise in ‘tricking’ (combination of martial arts and gymnastics) and a randomer who was looking to use my phone.

I have watched so many skate videos with Southbank as the backdrop that I kinda felt like I had already been there before. It was early in the morning and the place was empty, and unusually, with not a skater in sight, but there is always and atmosphere in a skatepark or skate spot, and with the history of this place, the feeling you get in the Undercroft is so surreal. To remove a skate spot with so much historical and cultural value would be absolutely devastating.

The Long Live Southbank campaign has and will always have my continual support!