The Gifted Series One- Behind The Scenes

Over the past two years we have created Series 1 and Series 2 of a web series, The Gifted.
This was a new adventure for our team, and one that we were extra excited about launching in to.
People say don’t work with children or animals, we say “that’s what makes it special.” The idea behind this web series was that it would be created by young people, for young people, and star young people.

Think of “Heroes” meets “Misfits” and somewhere in there is “The Gifted.”
The first series  was aimed at young people to encourage them to have safe conversations about good relations issues, crossing the intercultural and intergenerational divides apparent in our Community. This process began with the development of characters and a script that relates to the lives of Portadown teenagers, but with a futuristic twist! Each series has three episodes, the first series each episode was around 5 minutes in length.

A thorough audition process saw teenagers from all cultures and backgrounds in Portadown come along and try out for the four leading roles; perhaps the most difficult decision was choosing the Portadown teens that have now become the ‘superheroes’ of the series.

An intense training course was delivered while a further eight teenagers were selected and training up in roles such as, Assistant Director and Sound Engineer.

Great friendships were formed and developed throughout the filming process as the team of unfamiliar teenagers crossed cultural barriers in the united goal of creating this series.  The first series was launched online on the 24th April 2014. Each episode had over 1000 hits.

We hope you enjoy watching our Behind the Scenes video from Series One which really tells you about the aims and objectives behind this process:

A huge Thank You to the funders and every individual who contributed, from the young people to their parents, to everyone who provided a location for filming, costumes…and everyone in between.