The Gifted- Series One

Wow, what a journey!
This was something new, exciting, challenging and FUN!
With a year’s work going into the development of this project (scripting, auditions and performer training) we couldn’t wait to get stuck into the filming and editing of “The Gifted.” Special effects, custom tracks, this one had it all.

This web series brought young people from all across the Community together to tell a story of some teenagers in Portadown- but with a twist!  These teenagers developed unexplained superpowers that were to be used for serving their town.

At BNL Productions we felt unbelievably proud of each and every young person that took part in this project, many of whom had never performed in front of a camera, or worked behind a camera before. Of course, this project’s aims were never to receive Oscars, but to gain lasting friendships that would transcend beyond the life of this project.  We were able to link up with local schools to get their involvement in the intro titles sequence and had lots of extras involved throughout, young and old. There was a real sense of fun and unity throughout this entire project which enhanced the good relations message at the heart of it all.
The absolute icing on the cake was that the success of this project prompted the funding of Series Two, both of which then got selected to be shown at Belfast Film Festival!
Make sure you watch each episode to find out the journey of Mr Percy and The Gifted:

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The Gifted | Series 01 | Episode 03 | Let It Begin