Uluru Bar & Grill | Promo

Uluru Bar & Grill

Armagh is a beautiful historic City with an impressive list of annual events, from their very own Culture Night to their quaint Georgian Day and regular activities in the Shambles Markets.

In the heart of the City stand Uluru Bar & Grill, it has been around for a few years, drawing an ever-growing crowd to come and try out their quirky range of Aussie-inspired dishes. Recently, the demand for this Michelin Guide recommended and award winning restaurant grew to the extent that they moved! Now they are in the spacious and funky interior of their new Market Street premises.

From breakfast to special occasions, Uluru is a great choice! Get in touch with them and check out their mouth-watering menu on their website!

Promo Video

Let’s be honest, any job that comes with the added perk of food tasting is a pretty good job for us! This one was definitely up there with the best!  Head Chef and Owner Dean was oozing with passion and enthusiasm for his business and it really showed as we looked around the detailed interior, stunning  food presentation, and especially when we tasted the steak he served up!

We brought in some actors and stayed around from early morning until late evening to show how diverse this restaurant really was, catering for so many different types of people in so many different ways.

We hope you enjoy watching this promo and we’ll leave you with a joke…

What kind of music do kangaroos listen to?
Hip Hop