Walk in the Park Baby GoPro Adventure 4K

When the weather is great you really wanna take advantage of it, Lurgan Park is a great place to take a toddler and let run about with soft grass for landing for those who are learning to walk and the play park will keep them entertained for a good hour. Want to make a short film with your toddler? this is definitely the best camera to do it with, attach the camera, hit record and away you go, trying to set up a camera while with a toddler for ever shot I would imagine prove quite difficult.


In this shoot really worried about stability, Noah still bit unsteady on his feet so knew he was going to make the camerawork fairly shaky especially with the Junior Chesty and Gooseneck attachments. Tried to pick a song that would go along with the rough and readiness to match the type of footage, think it worked well.

Music: Origin, Electric Joy Ride