Where to start with this one?
We often get asked, where did ‘BNL’ come from as a name for your company? Well, it all began way-back-when with the Brad, Nick and Loney show on Xtreme FM.

XtremeFM is a youth & community radio project that was first set up in 1999. Based in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, each year 30 new young people from all areas and backgrounds are recruited, brought through a community relations programme and trained to broadcast to radio to create an authentic voice for young people. The Broadcast runs for the 3 week run up to Christmas each year, now it can be experienced and watched around the world on your mobile device.

It was this cross-community project which introduced us to many people we still working with and for today. With a strong interest in media, this project gave invaluable experience to the Company Directors which eventually led to the formation of this Company. We are truly grateful for everything that Xtreme FM provided for our team, and it’s a complete joy to watch other teens go through the same fun process every year under our guidance.

We LOVE running this project, from technical support, to  graphic design and workshop delivery. It’s a blast to be involved every year so a huge Thank You to the SELB, Brownlow Resource Centre and all of the funders for their continued support and making this possible!

On it’s 15th Anniversary we took on the task of making this wee video. It brought back a lot of fond memories for us, I hope you enjoy watching along!