At BNL Productions we love the internet, but we are also very aware of the many pitfalls it has, especially amongst teenagers.

‘You’re Not Alone’ is a rap song and music video by a group of talented young men based in Oasis Youth Centre. The Urban Arts Project decided to use their love of media and music to highlight the potential dangers of using social media, especially with people we may not know. The young people came together to write the song and the script, they also starred in the video as well as directing and filming the production.

It is hoped that, through this video, victims of cyber bullying will have an increased awareness of the help and support that is available from both friends and professional organisations.
BNL Productions were so pleased to be part of this process, as our passions lie within the Community and we enjoy delivering worthwhile message through our projects. Funded by the SELB, we were able to go in to this group and train them up not only in the creative process of conceiving a music video, but also giving hands on training and guidance on the implementation of filming techniques.
Like all of our workshop-based projects, the delivery of this was bespoke to the experience and interests of the group. We found it a pleasure to work with such an enthusiastic and talented bunch!