About Ryan Loney

Loney’s focus is about making everything efficient. Continually enhancing processes has built BNLs overall production management system into a successful workflow. He monitors and quality assures every element and gets his kick out of the detail. In film and as RTE award winning producer he has completed over hundreds of films and media projects from the companies birth in 2006. More recently his passion for creating bespoke digital marking strategies on the release of our films for clients has added a vital element of the service to ensure messages in products are not just well told on screen, but are efficiently communicated online to ensure the right audiences are reached to their fullest capacity on social networks.
"Its not how hard you fall, its how hard you get up"

Southbank Skate Spot, London | 360° Timelapse

To me, Long Live Southbanks campaign to protect the undercroft is a huge inspiration, and has to be one of the strongest representations of skateboarders pulling together as a global community to be heard of. I was in London on business and I have always said to myself ‘next time I'm there I have to

Southbank Skate Spot, London | 360° Timelapse2015-05-05T10:37:53+01:00

Fall Longboarding | Craigavon Lakes

Fall are a company that makes longboards and when you meet them they are a passionate about the sport longboarding itself.  This shoot was done entirely on a GoPro and as it mountability is key in filming this. If you would like some more information on the shoot or filming with the GoPro click here!

Fall Longboarding | Craigavon Lakes2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00

Bounce | Trampoline BMX | Armagh

This was a simple short film to highlight the tricks and manoeuvre preformed on a BMX trampoline device. For some info on the filming of this click here!

Bounce | Trampoline BMX | Armagh2016-11-04T09:34:29+00:00

Fall Longboards – Jamboree – Moygashel

Fall Longboards on Sunday 20th April ran a downhill skateboarding event on Mullybrannon Road, Moygashel, County Tyrone. The team had collaborated with the P.S.N.I. to close the road to ensure safety, worked with local residents to make sure they were happy with the event. The event was a complete success, with a killer day skating

Fall Longboards – Jamboree – Moygashel2015-06-25T14:07:10+01:00